Lisa Yamashiro, MEd, RD


Instructor:  Lisa Yamashiro, MEd, RD
Health Education Department - Nutrition Assistant Program

John Adams Center, 1860 Hayes St., Room 127

San Francisco, CA  94117

 415-561-1971 (VM) (preferred method of contact)

About me...

Welcome! My name is Lisa Yamashiro and I am a Registered Dietitian and instructor at City College of San Francisco. I started out as part-time faculty, then In 2004 became the Program Coordinator of the Nutrition Assistant Program, and in Fall 2007 became full-time.

Other professional experiences include University of California Cooperative Extension in San Francisco/San Mateo Counties (1999-2007) overseeing the nutrition education outreach programs - Expanded Food & Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) and Food Stamp Nutrition Education Programs (FSNEP) for limited-resource families and youth, and previous experience as a nutrition consultant for various multicultural senior nutrition meal programs in San Francisco.

As a nutrition professional and educator, I live what I teach. I am committed to leading by example by modeling high standards of professionalism, a positive work ethic, a passion for food, and a healthy, sports-active lifestyle.

My Educational Philosophy

My aim is to help students master real life skills in order to succeed in both their personal and professional lives, and to make the course content practical and relevant to their real life situations, while using 21st century technology skills to further enhance teaching and learning. I am committed to innovation and continuous improvement; belief that a good teacher is a facilitator of learning; hands-on learning that engages all the senses, particularly with food as a medium to connect to my learners; and encouraging active participation, collaborative learning groups, and a spirit of camaraderie among my students.

I strive to uphold an educational philosophy that is a combination of:
  • a "gardener", by planting seeds of knowledge and inspiration (I also grew those salad greens in the banner above!);
  • a "challenger", by providing encouragement and setting high expectations of myself and my students;
  • a "travel guide", by assisting students along the journey to higher education, career goals, or lifelong learning; and
  • a "crafts person", by incorporating creative ways to optimize learning, with an open attitude towards change, technology, and innovation.

Nutrition Assistant Program

The Nutrition Assistant Program values the promotion of healthy living through education, nutrition resources, meal programs, support & referral in our diverse multi-ethnic populations. The program is committed to train students to provide culturally sensitive, quality nutrition care to help clients achieve optimal health & well-being at every stage of life.

Become a Nutrition Assistant

Help others improve their health. Earn a certificate. Work at these locations.  Graduates of the program work as entry-level nutrition staff in public health, community, or health care settings.  

Next program cycle starts Fall 2015!

If you are looking for a career that is exciting, challenging, and allows you to succeed, excel, and feel good about what you do, then consider the Nutrition Assistant Program, a two-semester certificate program designed to develop competency in the delivery of nutrition-related services for paraprofessionals. Download the flyer and schedule of classes below!

Spring 2015 Courses
NEW! HLTH 171 "Nutrition for Health" will be offered as a fully online course!

  • HLTH 171 Nutrition for Health (online, CRN 36697, 3 units)
    A practical approach to the study of nutrients with emphasis on their physiological roles, food sources, and health implications. Basic principles and tools for planning a healthy diet, and nutrition issues of current interest will be analyzed. This course satisfies General Education Area G1: Health Knowledge

  • HLTH 174 Clinical & Community Nutrition (CRN 32363, 4 units), T/R 9:00-11:30, John Adams Center, room 103
    A two-part course that focuses on the principles of medical nutrition therapy and on nutrition applications in public health.

    The Community Nutrition component covers basic skills in delivering nutrition services in community health settings with emphasis on nutrition education. Intended for those planning careers in the field of nutrition.

    Pre-req: HLTH 171

  • HLTH 175 Nutrition Assistant Field Experience (CRN 32363, 2 units, P/NP)
    Days/Times: TBA 3/23 to 6/26/15
    Learn entry-level, job-specific skills and competencies in the delivery of nutrition care and services under the supervision of registered dietitians while placed at various field experience sites such as Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Supplemental Nutrition Programs, Head Start, senior nutrition programs, public health agencies, or other health care settings.
    Pre-reqs: HLTH 170, 171, 172, 173, 174 with a grade of C or higher
  • HLTH 177/CDEV 107 Intro to Child Nutrition (CRN 33598, 3 units), Saturdays, 9:10-noon, Ocean Campus, MUB 230
    Overview of child nutrition issues, with an emphasis on practical skills and approaches to influence positive eating behaviors that promote optimal health and nutrition. Topics include basic nutrition principles, planning healthy meals and snacks, food safety, childhood obesity, physical activity, nutrition education, child nutrition programs and food assistance resources.
    This course satisfies General Education Area G1: Health KnowledgeHLTH 177/CDEV 107 COURSE PAGE

  • HLTH 5122 Consumer Ed/Health & Nutrition (CRN 40714, non-credit), Mondays, 1-3:50 at the Golden Gate Park Senior Center, 6101 Fulton (near 36th Ave)
    Practical information, effective strategies, and skills that teach the student how to practice good nutrition, manage personal health, and maintain an active, healthy lifestyle in the later years.

Fall 2015 Courses

  • HLTH 170 Intro to Dietetics Profession (1 unit) Focuses on the scope and nature of work in the nutrition field, including higher education pathways, career opportunities, professional roles, skills, responsibilities, ethics. Includes guest presentations by various nutrition paraprofessionals and networking opportunities with registered dietitians.
  • HLTH 171 Nutrition for Health (3 units), T/R 9:00-11:05, John Adams Center, Room 103
    A practical approach to the study of nutrients with emphasis on their physiological roles, food sources, and health implications. Basic principles and tools for planning a healthy diet, and nutrition issues of current interest will be analyzed.
  • HLTH 172 Foodways, Nutrition & Health (3 units), T/R noon-2:05, John Adams Center, Room 103
    A study of the cultural and socioeconomic influences on the food habits of different ethnic groups in the United States and their diet-related health risks and implications. Cross-cultural counseling strategies, food service sanitation and safety, and optimal use of food dollars will also be covered. Pre-req: HLTH 170

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